7.5-inch Display

Basic Installation


Work Modes

7.5-inch Display (D75R/D75Y)

The 7.5-inch model (SKU: D75R/D75Y) has two radios built-in: ZigBee & WiFi.

You can setup the display to one of these work modes:

  • WiFi Only Mode:
    • Pros: No hub required; simplest deployment and optimized for content performance.

    • Cons: 15~30 min delay in refresh (3-month battery autonomy)

  • WiFi + ZigBee Dual Mode:
    • Pros: Balance battery life and response time

    • Cons: Complexity in deployment

  • ZigBee Only Mode:
    • Pros: Best optimized for battery (12-month battery autonomy)

    • Cons: Complexity in deployment

  • More details here Work Modes

  • WiFi Mode Setup for SyncSign Displays

  • Create Customized Render Data Server

QR Code Function

Since SyncSign Display is not a touch screen, in order to implement interaction, we provide a path for users to operate on the mobile device by scanning the QR Code on the screen.

Click here for details QRCodeFunction

Release Note