QR Code Function

  • Since SyncSign Display is not a touch screen, in order to implement interaction, we provide a path for users to operate on the mobile device by scanning the QR Code on the screens.

How do employees use it?

  • SyncSign system will learn whether the current conference room is “Available” or “Occupied” according to the current calendar events data.

    • If “Available”, there are two options [Schedule], [Use Now].
      • [Use Now] means quickly create a new event, just select the conference duration.

      • [Schedule] means to create a new event at any other time to use this meeting room.

    • If “Occupied”, there are three options, [End Now], [Extend], [Schedule].
      • [End Now] means end the current conference ahead of time.

      • [Extend] means extend the current conference.

      • [Schedule] means to create a new event at any other time to use this meeting room.

How do administrators set it up?

  • There are two operating modes to choose from.

    • Open, no login required
      • Low safety factor, anyone can modify the schedule information by scanning the code

      • After scanning the QR Code, you can directly use the functions such as Book Now, Extend, End Now, etc.

    • Authentication, login required
      • Higher security factor to ensure that only employees in house can use it, you need to set up your organization ’s identity provider (idP) in advance.

      • After scanning the QR Code, it will use single sign-on (SSO), then jump to the preset idP website and enter user name and password to log in to the SyncSign meeting room schedule web page.

      • How to configure the login mode of third-party authentication:
        • Login to SyncSign App Web Portal and click [Settings]> [Add Identity Provider].

        • Submit idP information, such as type, clientId, scope, issuer, clientSecret (currently only supports OpenID Connect standard).