WiFi Mode Setup for SyncSign Displays


SyncSign Display uses a classic 2.4GHz WiFi wireless network to fetch new content and update the screen. It’s a reliable and straightforward alternative to SyncSign’s Hub + Display combination.

Due to the power consumption nature of WiFi, the SyncSign display remains in deep sleep mode during most of the time and wake up to fetch new data by:

  • a built-in timer set to a typical 15~60 minutes interval

  • manually pressing the button on the display

Thus it’s suitable for applications that contents don’t change frequently.

Setup Guide

Enter Setup Mode

  • Press and hold the button on the right side of the display for about 8 seconds, then release;

  • A green LED now blinks fast, after about 15 seconds. The screen will be refreshing, and show information as below:

WiFi Setup Mode

Please connect your laptop to:


  • Now please use a laptop and connect its WiFi to the hotspot named: SYNCSIGN-XXXX

  • Open the with a browser.

  • Please configure the display to connect your 2.4GHz wireless AP.

  • If successfully connected, the screen will show a new IP address, e.g., http:

  • Open the http://192.168.x.x with a browser. The initial password is “Lock4Safe”

  • Then you can try to edit the template and test the rendering on the screen.

Battery Life Estimates

  • Screen refresh count: > 2500

  • Typical battery life:

    • @30-min interval: >1 month

    • @1-hour interval: >3 months


Please note the poor WiFi and Internet connection will lead to retries and consumes more power.

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