2.9-inch Display

Basic Installation



How to pair the display with the Hub?

Usually, the displays in the sample kit were already paired before they left the factory. If not, to get it paired to the Hub, please follow the guides below:

  1. Push the pin-hole on the 2.9-inch display for 10+ seconds, then release (to make sure it unpair from the Hub).

  2. In about 5 seconds, you will notice it flickering and shows a text: “Insert a paper clip to join a hub”. Thus the display is unpaired from any Hub. Otherwise, please retry step 1 (Or if still no luck, unload both two batteries, then install them again. You will notice a reboot as well).

  3. Use the App to get the Hub to enter the pairing mode, and poke the pin-hole once (less than 1 second).

  4. Wait for up to 30 seconds; the screen will flashing and show text: “Joined PANID: XXXX”. It means the display is paired now.

  5. The display then appears as a card on the App’s homepage.

  6. As an alternative method to step 3, you can also access the Hub’s portal (see https://dev.sync-sign.com/usermanual/web_portal/hub.html). And click [Nodes] > [Allow Node(s) Pairing with This Hub].

If still unable to see the card of the display, please keep the Hub powered on and connected, then find the S/N of the Hub and contact SyncSign technical team to investigate the root cause.