Using CalDAV on NextCloud

  • Go to and install the server packages.

  • Please note this feature is only avialable on SyncSign On-Premise Server (SOPS).

How to create a room resource

Create “Resources” Account

  • Sign in the Nextcloud with an administrator account.

  • Install an App “Everyone Group”, thus we can make the calendars accessible by all employees.

  • Now create a new account named “Resources”. It’s recommended to use this account to manage the room resources and authorize the calendars for SyncSign to access.

Create Calendars for Rooms

  • Sign out and sign in the Nextcloud with “Resources” account.

  • Create a new calendar named “XXX Meeting Room”, then share it to “Everyone” Group, and select “Can Edit”.

  • Create more room calendars if necessary.

  • In [Settings] - [Security] - [Devices & Sessions], create a new app password.

  • You should mark down the password now as it will only show once.

  • Deselect “allow filesystem access” on the “…” menu (optional).

Configuration on the SOPS

  • Please fill in the blanks on the page:

  • CalDAV URL: https://<Your-Nextcloud-Domain>/remote.php/dav/

  • Username/Password, the app password just created on Nextcloud