Work Modes

The 7.5-inch model (SKU: D75R/D75Y) has two radios built-in.

  • ZigBee
    • Pros: Ultra-low power consumption, thus it can keep a constant connection and check for new content promptly.

    • Cons: Slow data rate. It takes a long time to transmit image data.

  • WiFi
    • Pros: Fast data rate. It can download the image and connect to web services directly.

    • Cons: Consumes much more power; thus, it cannot turn on all the time.

You can setup the display to one of these work modes:

  • WiFi Only Mode:
    • Pros: No hub required; simplest deployment and optimized for content performance.

    • Cons: 15~30 min delay in refresh (3-month battery autonomy)

  • WiFi + ZigBee Dual Mode:
    • Pros: Balance battery life and response time

    • Cons: Complexity in deployment

  • ZigBee Only Mode:
    • Pros: Best optimized for battery (12-month battery autonomy)

    • Cons: Complexity in deployment

WiFi Only Mode

  • Work standalone, without any IoT hub

  • Suitable for applications that contents don’t change frequently

  • Simple deployment and stable connection

  • In this mode, the display is standby during most of the time, and wake up to fetch new data by:

    • Built-in timer set to a typical 15~60 minutes interval

    • Manually press the button on the display

  • Typical battery life: 1 month to 3 months

  • Use cases:

    • Bulletin board notice

    • Museum labels

    • Door signage

    • Name tags for meeting rooms or desks

    • Parking signs

    • Arrival information boards

    • Personal schedules

  • WiFi Mode Setup for SyncSign Displays

WiFi + ZigBee Dual Mode

  • IoT Hub is required nearby

  • Suitable for applications that require complex contents, frequently update and longer battery life

  • A balance of fast synchronize and lower maintenance efforts

  • Higher reliability, the content will send over WiFi and fall back to ZigBee in case of WiFi failure

  • In this mode, the display’s ZigBee radio is staying connected with the IoT Hub. Whenever new content arrives, the IoT Hub will trigger the display to turn on the WiFi radio and fetch text and images from the server directly. After that, the WiFi turned off to save power.

  • Typical battery life: 12 months

  • Use cases, besides those in WiFi-Only Mode:

    • Meeting room schedule signage

    • Price tag

    • Shelf labels

ZigBee Only Mode

  • IoT Hub is required nearby

  • The lowest power consumption mode.

  • Only recommend this mode in case there is no image to show on the screen.