Deploying a user plug-in application using the Hub SDK does not require any additional steps outside of the typical process.

Upload the Sample Plug-in to Hub

After developer mode enabled, the Hub SDK is already activated, and your Plug-in code can be executed by built-in “Core Manager”.

Your computer and Hub should be within the same local network.


There are two methods to manager the Plug-in code files on Hub:

  • Basic: Hub Portal web page

  • Advanced: WebRepl Debugger

Upload via Hub Portal

It’s easy and only used for a small app/__init__.py file.

  • Open the Hub admin webpage ( with a web browser on a PC

  • Click the [ Home ] > [ Developers ] > [ Editor ]

  • Copy the content of “examples/hello_world/app/__init__.py” and paste into the code area

  • Click [ Save ]


Upload via WebRepl

It’s full-featured, allows large and multiple files.

  • Click the [ Debugger ], or open http://getvobot.com/dev/webrepl.html

  • Make sure the target is your Hub’s IP address (e.g., ws://

  • Click [ Connect ], if everything goes well, you should see logs on the terminal section

  • Click [ Choose File ], e.g., __init__.py, then choose upload to ‘app/’, hit send to device


To fetch a file on the device to your PC:

  • Type in the full path of the file, e.g., res/test.bmp, then click [ Get from device ]

  • If the file not exists, you will be disconnected, please click [ Connect ] and try again

Remember to use the latest Chrome web browser to open WebRepl.