SyncSign produces small, highly capable, always-connected wireless display, as well as bridge Hubs perfect for both consumer and commercial applications. The products are very accessible, being easy to use and affordable, and have a quality and feature set unmatched in the industry.


SyncSign Hub is a bridge between Displays & the Internet. One hub manages up to 16 Displays.

SyncSign Hub runs the management software. SyncSign provides the Hub SDK, so developers may use Python to write their own applications.

The key features of SyncSign Hub are:

  • Manage all Displays’ status

  • Stay connected with Internet and web services

  • Process data pulled or pushed from web services

  • Generate data and update them to Displays’ screen

The Hub requires an external 5V/1A power supply and should be turned on all the time. The communication between the Hub and Display is based on the low power mesh network, as known as a Personal Area Network (PAN).


SyncSign Display is the low power wireless display. Just like a sticky note, it can be placed anywhere and always stay connected.

SyncSign is battery powered. It requires no cables. Battery life goes up to 1 year (depends on how frequently you are going to update the screen).

SyncSign Display keeps polling the SyncSign Hub for new instructions. The default polling interval is 10 seconds. It sleeps between the polling to save the energy. Thus there is a maximum delay of 10s whenever SyncSign Hub is going to refresh the display.

SyncSign Display can be used in there scenarios:

  • Schedule display (meeting room, classroom, personal calendar)

  • Dashboard (push notification from smart assistant, like weather, traffic)

  • Price tag (headline, price, promotion from price CMS)