Several general and platform-specific prerequisites are required to develop an application with the Hub SDK.

  • An understanding of how to develop applications with Python.

  • A SyncSign Hub that is compatible with the Hub SDK.

  • A SyncSign accounts for developer registration.

  • At least one SyncSign Display.

Enable the Developer Mode

Hub runs the default application and works as a schedule display controller. To run your plug-in application, your Hub must switch to develop mode first.

  • Open SyncSign App

  • You should find your Hub online, if not, please check the network, or re-do the Wi-Fi setup procedure

  • Go to [ Settings ] and find the local IP address of the Hub (for example

  • Open the Hub admin webpage ( with a web browser on a PC

  • You are required to sign-in with a user name and password (read the User Manual or contact the tech support)

  • Click the [ Home ] > [ Developers ] > [ Options ], then Enable the [ Develop Mode ]

Obtain the Sample Plug-in Code

Please clone or download all examples from this repository.