Host-based Simulation


SyncSign Hub is a typical embedded system. Programming such a system can be extra challenging compared to writing software for a general-purpose computer. So we provide a host-based simulation for SyncSign Hub (“Simulator”).

This host-based simulation could be useful, especially when you are focusing on web-based or network related modules.

Although we can run Python code on a host computer (macOS/Windows/Linux), there is no hardware attached to perform the 802.15.4 access to SyncSign, or sensors. Thus, to run a full-featured program, we need to set up a LAN based development environment.

+---------------+           +-------------------+
| Host Program  | <-------> | Hub as a 'bridge' |
+---------------+           ++--------+-------+-+
                             |        |       |
                             |        |       |
            +-----------+    |  +-----+-----+ |     +-----------+
            | display 1 +<---+  | display 2 | +---->+ display 3 |
            +-----------+       +-----------+       +-----------+
  • The ‘Host Program’ runs on macOS or Linux based computer (Dev-host)

  • ‘Hub’ works as a bridge, which connects to all PAN nodes

  • The Dev-host and Hub connect to the same network, either over Ethernet or WLAN.

The Hub obtains an IP address, e.g., You should be able to ping this IP on the Dev-host.


See for details.